Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hear Crusty Speak: COD Goes NPR

Crusty's been kind of quiet lately, mainly because COD needs a vacation, just like everybody else, in order to keep up the Crust and Snark all year long.  In the midst of his vacation, however, Crusty found time to be interviewed for All Sides With Ann Fisher, an awesome 2-hour public affairs program which airs daily on the local NPR station in Columbus, Ohio.  Since it was Ramadan, the topic was fasting, and COD was asked to opine on traditions of fasting in Christianity and Judaism.  Crusty was just pleased to be asked, and pleased that All Sides was willing to devote a whole hour to fasting.  COD didn't get to cover everything he wanted to cover, in particular how fasting is not just a question of food, but, like Ramadan and Yom Kippur, part of broader self-examination and amendment of other behaviors as well.  And I didn't get to use my "Fasting only counts if it's voluntary," joke.

Here is a link to the hour-long program:  Crusty comes in around the 22 minute mark.

Also, here's a link to just Crusty's portion, a 13-minute segment in the middle of the program:  It takes about 5 seconds to get going, COD came in out of one of the breaks.

As you can see, COD was going for scholarly and dignified.

Here's a link to find your local NPR station:  Support public radio!

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