Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reorganized List of GC Postings

Crusty Old Dean is doing some reorganizing -- the blog can tend to sprawl, so as we move into the holiday season COD figured he would all his posts into one easy spot for now. Fear not, there are still two more blog posts coming to round out the proposals. COD does work in a seminary, after all, and end of the term tends to get busy.

The initial call for restructuring Convention, including some suggestions for what to do at GC 2012 is here.

COD's two-part personal backstory on what is wrong with General Convention and why it needs to be changed can be found here and here.

A proposal for restructuring the House of Bishops and House of Deputies can be found here.

A suggestion for reorganizing and streamlining the many committees and commissions is offered here.

And COD's thoughts on the Provinces and Diocese is here.

Still to come: proposals for revamping theological education and the church at the parish/congregational level.

And, of course, COD's other ramblings are available through the Archive function on the right of the home page.

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